Saying goodbye…to pregnancy

I started this blog with hopes of it helping me express my thoughts throughout my pregnancy.

Well, pregnancy is coming to an end, there are 30 days left, and I actually haven’t had much time to even post here.

My last post was about the baby’s nursery. No updates there because of course it isn’t complete. Yeah… I’m due in 30 days!!

If I were to organize my time better, I’m sure it would be finished, I would probably have made more blog posts, And I may have even shaved my legs once in the past 5 months….but need I remind you I have a curious 15 month old that is with me 24/7. I guess I can thank her in a way for keeping me somewhat sane this past 9 months.

While I can’t wait for pregnancy to be over, and for the baby and I to be 2 separate bodies, I can’t help but think about the fact that I will never experience this again. Yes, I said it, I wrote it….never.

It’s time to close the pregnancy chapter that has consumed the last 2 years of my life and focus on raising my 2 girls in a frame of mind that doesn’t include the hormonal effects of pregnancy causing anger, bitterness, resentment…amongst other things.

I’ve definately learned a lot about myself while pregnant. Priorities have changed, my outlook on my chosen profession has changed and I have learned that less is more.

So, here’s to a new chapter with its own challenges, obstacles and no doubt tears but certainly not without the great love and support of family.


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