Baby A is here!

Abby arrived August 5th 2013 at 2:55pm…9 days late.

You haven’t seen any posts from me in the last month because I was useless and miserable! We had a number of days of extreme humidity(for our climate) and I was suffering from Shrek feet and many many other things that I’d just like to forget about now!!

And here she is!


Labor was great. Well, as good as it can get I guess. I woke up Monday morning feeling like absolute crap, I was cold even though it was warm and I had a brutal headache. Of course we were out of Tylenol. I ended up laying down around 9am and woke up having what I thought MIGHT be contractions but they weren’t intense enough to say for sure that they weren’t Braxton Hicks or cramping. They quickly intensified and off to the hospital we went! About an hour and a half after we got there Abby was born!

Life has been quite busy since her arrival but she is settling in just fine and is sometimes sleeping through the night at 2 months old!

I have yet to share photos of Abby’s room – watch for them very soon!

That’s all for now!